Monica Reede is known for elegant mixed-media works that juxtapose a variety of images - human artifacts, the human figure (or fragments of the figure) with various natural elements and beings.  In her signature pieces, Reede overlays painted panels with ethereal etched Plexiglas “drawings” creating a mysterious, even ghostly, interplay of images that illuminate intersecting realities.  Historically, these works have revealed the essential sensuality of the human body consciousness, the ever shifting relationship of form and void, and the transitory nature of the material world.  Reede helps us to remember that what lasts is intangible; and in this, she is aligned with the spiritual practices of Eastern mysticism and the theories and discoveries of contemporary science.         
Monica Reede has worked as a professional artist for 20 years. Her work as an artist has been recognized through grants and awards including three fellowships from the Minnesota State Arts Board.  She exhibits regionally and nationally and is represented in numerous corporate and private collections. Monica lives and works in Ojai, California.
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