Monica Reede

TIME, MEMORY and IDENTITY: the Polaroid Project

You can find a link to a full statement about this body of work at the top of the 
Self Portraits page.


The work presented here delves into the act of perception itself, or to put it another way, what happens when light hits the anatomy of our eye. There is a moment, an instant really, before we begin to interpret and categorize, where all that exists is the phenomena of light itself bouncing off of an object.


The works included here are a meditation on the nature of rope.  Because rope is at once a thing in and of itself and it is also a line in space, it lends itself to multiple metaphorical interpretations. Rope is solid and mutable; a preexisting three dimensional drawing, both elegant and humble, which calls to mind other patterns in nature such as the undulations of light on water, the body in motion, landscapes and rivers, etc.

"The Poetry of Everyday Life" is an installation created in collaboration with Mary Bergs. It was the first of a series of unique installations created around the theme of paying attention to the everyday objects and experiences of our lives. To read our entire exhibition proposal click the link under Installation Shots.